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6 Features to Consider When Choosing a New Android Phone

Buying a new phone is exciting, after all it’s something you’ll likely be staring at, interacting with, and depending on for hours each day. Because it’s such an important purchase, you want to make sure you take all the most important factors into consideration. Android phones are continually advancing, but at present time, these are the key features to mull over:

It might not be your first consideration but even the hands down best Android phone isn’t going to do you any good if it’s on a carrier that doesn’t provide adequate service and coverage. There are few points of interest here. Are you planning to keep your current carrier or switch? Carriers try to reward loyalty they are almost always running some type of promotion to switch to them, from free smartphones to free service, which can make switching tempting. Try to see past the promos and focus on which carrier really serves you best. Certain carries simply work best in certain areas and you want the one that works the best for you at the places you spend the most time.

4G Service
Most carriers offer some sort of the new, high-speed 4G network, which Android phones were first to run on. Some Android phones don’t support 4G so it may not be a factor for you but it’s something to think about as you pick out your phone. If super fast speeds are important for you make sure that your carrier of choice offers a 4G network and that the Android phone you pick supports 4G.

Phones are downright beautiful in this day and age and they come in a variety of styles. Because Android phones come from a variety of manufacturers you have an extensive amount of options to choose from. One of the most important things to consider when looking at a phone’s design is whether or not it includes a full keyboard.

After that look into screen size and resolution. A screen’s resolution can be just as important as its size and in most cases, the higher the resolution, the crisper and clearer the display will look. (Pro Tip: If possible, gather some research and feedback about how the phone performs in direct sunlights, which is something we often forget to factor in when shopping online and in store.)

Whether you’re selfie obsessed or just want to be able to capture special moments, the camera on your phone matters. Most phones now have a front and back-facing camera and you’ll want to look at the megapixel number of each. The higher the megapixel, the overall better images the camera will take. Android phones also have record features but not all record in HD so glace over the type of recording the phone you’re eyeing takes if taking videos is important to you.

Some people find a manufacturer they like and stick strictly to their electronic models. While it’s helpful (and probably a relief) to find something you like, sometimes this blinds us to other products that have superior capabilities. Remember mobile phones, more than almost anything else out there, are continually being advanced and improved so it doesn’t hurt to browse before you buy. If you need something to start with, look at overlays or interfaces, which vary from manufacturer to manufacturer, and from phone to phone.

… is everything! New phones are constantly being released and updated. Some updated models feature major changes, while others are more subtle. Remember just because you’re due for a new phone doesn’t mean you have to get one the day you’re eligible. Take your time and research what’s out there and what’s on the horizon (there are tech news sites dedicated to phone coverage so you’ll get plenty of info quickly) before you make any rash purchases.
Phones are such a major part of our lives that it’s easy to put a lot of pressure on our decision to upgrade. While you do want to find one that best fits your needs, remember that this should be a fun process. Also remember that just because you buy a new Android phone, your old one isn’t instantly useless. Often you can trade it in for a discount or sell it online to get a little extra cash to help you afford your perfect, new Android phone.

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